Seryn Ennor
Seryn Ennor
Society of the Friends of Middle-earth
Society of the Friends of Middle-earth
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Junior members

Subscription rates

Rates shown cover membership for one calendar year (1st January to 31st December).

Members joining during the course of a year pay a pro-rata reduced contribution, based on the number of remaining months including the month during which membership commences. For example, a member joining in September (irrespective of the day) pays 4/12 of the subscription fee for the current year and the full fee in all membership years thereafter.

Natural persons:


Resident in Switzerland CHF 40
Resident in Europe CHF 30
Resident outside Europe CHF 20


Resident in Switzerland CHF 70
Resident in Europe CHF 50

Junior members

Minors up to 12 years

Pupils, apprentices, students
(up to 28 years of age).
CHF 20

Company and group membership:

Non-profit organisations .

CHF 40
For profit organizations (companies) CHF 50

AM 29/08/2014